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Did you know that the search bars are one of the most used elements on your shopping site? So why don’t you consider them as a promotion tool? Search Bar Ads plugin lets you promote any pages via the search bar of your WooCommerce site.

Your search bar helps your visitors to find something. When it’s not in use, it only occupies some space on your site, does nothing else.

With Search Bar Ads plugin, your search bar becomes a great tool for driving your visitors to any custom URLs!


Compatible with all WooCommerce themes that have a search field and a search button.
You can add custom placeholders and URLs (ads) to your search bar.
No limits. Create ads as many as you want.
Search Bar Ads plugin works with any kind of search bars that have a search button.
No complex settings. Just locate your search bar by its id (e.g. #my-search-field) or class name (e.g. .my-search-field) and it’s ready to go.
Your existing search functionalities work as usual.
Plugin doesn’t affect the search features like auto-suggesting, auto-completing etc. They all continue to work as before.
When an ad is active in your search bar, the visitor goes to the custom URL if he/she clicks the search button.
If a visitor clicks (focuses) on the search field, the ad disappears. So he/she can type and search anything.
When the visitor focuses out the search field without typing anything, the ad appears again.
You can add tracking parameters to URLs. So you can analyze ad clicking statistics with Google Analytics.
Enable/Disable any ad at anytime you wish.
You can choose on which page(s) or/and place(s) you want to show an ad. Pages, product categories, homepage etc.
If you add more than one ad to the same page, they will be shown randomly.
You can use emojis in ad texts (placeholders).
Very easy-to-use admin panel.

Need Help?

We prepared a detailed help documentation for you. Hopefully you’ll able to find anything you need regarding the usage of our plugin.

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Last Update:May 29, 2021
Released:February 7, 2021