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For a thousand times, Sara was wondering if her boss regarded her as a Spiderwoman when adding new project reports to the calendar with an unreasonable deadline. Anyway, the result-intensive boss did not care about how time-consuming these missions were, since Sara was able to meet the requirements, eventually. That’s when the thought of resignation hit her mind, along with the idea of establishing a website selling templates. What Sara aimed for was creating templates for all kinds of design materials, since she found that the most time-consuming part was building the structure and silhouette repeatedly. Therefore, a finished template could probably improve the work efficiency to a great extent, from designing a piece of poster to establishing a 30-page slide. Nobody would hate a good idea, so it did not take too long for Sara to find her partners. Jack a visual director, Sean, a 2 people startup project called GFXGOAL was born.

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GFXGOAL is a hign-quality design templates platform. We are trying our best to make Graphic design more eaiser than ever. With the help of our work you can create the most impressive designs and bring your ideas to life. Now the site is owned and operated by GFXGOAL LIMITED.

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