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Reader News & Magazine Drupal Theme

Reader is a Drupal theme for news and magazine websites with a modern trending design. It is always suitable when you plan to build a traditional multi-category news site or modern thematic magazine.

Many styles for news categories on Homepages: Large Top Style, Grid 4 Articles, Large Left Heading, List Style …
Support Video embedding from Youtube and Vimeo. More video sources can be configured.
Unlimited Categories: you can create any number of news categories.
Multiple authors with individual profiles.
8 predefined color schemes.
Advertising space so you can add banners of various sizes: 728×90, 928×90, 300×250, 150×150
Based on Omega, the most popular Drupal base theme.

Other key features
Responsive Layout
Using HTML5 and CSS3
Install Profile with loaded demo data
Many built-in elements: Columns, Slider, Buttons, Gallery, Tabs, Toogles, Accordions, Typography, Tables …
Search Engine Optimized
Notes: Due to licensing restrictions, demo images may not be included in the files.

Photo Credits: Unsplash, Pixabay

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Last Update:February 3, 2022
Released:February 3, 2022