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Melaka Blog and Magazine Ghost Theme

Melaka is all about building a unique, fast, creative and professional Ghost powered website.

Built with HTML5 & CSS3, Sass, Gulp, a lot of thought and care went into this theme making it a pleasure to use and easy to customize.

### Clean Design
I love minimal and functional design as you do, so every element designed with simplicity and details in mind, and well-tailored to match your own taste.

### Fully Responsive
Melaka created from the ground up to work on different devices from mobile phones, tablets, and desktop with performance in mind.

### Translation Support
Melaka supports Ghost i18n for theme translation. Comes with German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Finnish, Dutch, and Danish translation. Easier than ever to add a new language translation.

### Accessibility
A wide range of people have some disabilities and ignoring them will make their life harder. The web should be available to everyone whenever they are on whatever device they use.

That’s why Melaka built with Accessibility standards in mind which include using:

The right page OUTLINE, the heading structure of the Web Page
The right colors with no contrast issues
HTML5 and ARIA Attributes
Structural Elements
Meta Tags and Page-Specific Valid Language

### Instant Search
With the search functionality, you will be able to instantly search posts and pages as you type. The supported languages in addition to English are Russian, French, Spanish, Germany, Portuguese, Italian, Finnish, Dutch and Danish.

### AJAX Posts Loading
Load more posts with a click of a button. You don’t have to click through pages. This will enhance site browsing and your user’s satisfaction.

### Instagram
Have an Instagram account? Add your Instagram feed widget to the sidebar with the ability to set the shown images number.

### Tags Pages
To make the theme more elegant and to take advantage of Ghost features. Melaka comes with a custom and elegant tags page (http://melaka.aspirethemes.com/tags/) to list your blog tags in a totally different way.

### Subscription Form
Grow your mailing list with the support of the subscription feature built by Ghost.

### Custom Logo Support
Upload your own logo to Ghost admin and Melaka will take care of the rest. No coding required.

### Syntax Highlighting
Never worry about adding syntax highlighting for your source code. Melaka shipped with Prism which is a lightweight, robust, and elegant syntax highlighter.

### Related Posts
Let your readers engage and read more of your content in the related posts section. Posts will display based on the matched tags used in the current post.

### Disqus Comments
Let your readers engage with your content. Out of the box Disqus integration, with only a single edit adding your Disqus short-name.

### Post Sharing
Let your readers able to share your posts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

### Custom 404 Page
Melaka comes with custom and designed 404 Page (http://melaka.aspirethemes.com/404/) designed for you. Showing your recently published posts.

### Responsive Videos
Make your embedded videos responsive and flexible with any screen size. A full responsive video feature built-in and will take care of your videos rendering. (YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, TED, Dailymotion, and Facebook)

### Responsive Tables

Responsive tables required and essential for adding tabular content. Melaka makes any table responsive across all viewports making them scroll horizontally.

### Documentation
I don’t let you wonder how to do this or that, that’s why you will have access to online and updated [online documentation](https://aspirethemes.com/docs/melaka-ghost).

### Developer Friendly
Developed with the latest web technologies and tools including Sass, ITCSS, Gulp, NPM, and Bower. Check out Theme Development (https://aspirethemes.com/docs/melaka-ghost/#theme-development) about preparing your development workflow.

### Easy to Customize
Theme files divided into partials and logical names for more customization flexibility. Using Sass, for example, you can change the theme brand color to match your brand with only one variable. For more information, you can check out the Theme Development (https://aspirethemes.com/docs/melaka-ghost/#theme-development) documentation section.

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