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Hucklebuck is a retro, upright script font that is immensely appealing with its happy–go–lucky feel. Done in the style of hand painted sign lettering, the font was inspired by some window lettering on an old store near where I live. Hucklebuck was a pet name my mother used to call me when I was little (it’s actually a kind of dance).

Jukebox fonts are available in OpenType format and downloadable packages contain both .otf and .ttf versions of the font. They are compatible on both Mac and Windows. All fonts contain basic OpenType features as well as support for Latin-based and most Eastern European languages.

Walcott, Jukebox, Heavy, Fun, Happy, Handlettered, Sign ,Graffiti, Lighthearted ,Upright, 1960s, 1950s, gfx

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Last Update:January 17, 2022
Released:January 17, 2022