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40 Traveller Lightroom Profiles and LUTs

File Type: XMP Presets for Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic CC, and Lightroom Mobile

Download this huge pack of Lightroom profiles and LUTs made ESPECIALLY for travel photography. Whether you have a travel Instagram profile, YouTube vlog, or you’re just sharing your photos casually with friends, you’ll love this.

There are 40 looks to choose from with a consistent look. The base look is similar to the popular orange and teal look used by Sam Kolder.

For skin tones, there is a whole separate set for portraits. They’re the same looks but utilizes VOXCOLOR Color Science to bring back 50% of the original skin tones. This gives you more natural looking skin tones that still matches the overall color grading.

Editing on the go? You can edit your photos anywhere with the Lightroom Mobile compatible profiles.

What You’ll Get
Lightroom CC (Syncs with iOS and Android):

40 Lightroom CC Profiles
40 Lightroom CC Profiles with Skin Tone Protection
Lightroom Classic CC:

40 Lightroom Classic CC Profiles
40 Lightroom Classic CC with Skin Tone Protection

Photoshop CC/Camera Raw:
40 Camera Raw Profiles via Camera Raw
40 Camera Raw Profiles with Skin Tone Protection

40 CUBE LUTs with Skin Tone Protection

✔ Choose from 40 Styles Made for Travel Photography

This massive bundle of 40 Lightroom profiles gives you a lot to choose from. Worried about consistency? They all have the same orange and blue-teal base effect. Instead of teal, the colors lean more towards blue for more natural-looking skies.

✔ Better Color with NEW Lightroom Profiles (NOT presets!)
Since April 2018, Adobe released “Profiles” which solves many limitations of presets. Unlike presets, profiles are futureproof and give your photos better color because they alter colors in a 3D space rather than simple 1D Lightroom adjustments. You’ll get a cinematic color grading that simply cannot be mimicked with any Lightroom presets.

✔ Skin Tone Protection Technology by VOXCOLOR
Get amazing results with skin tone protection! Each profile and LUT comes with a STP (Skin Tone Protection) version. The STP profiles restores 50% of the original skin tones for natural results.

✔ Use them anywhere you are. Sync to Lightroom Mobile
Use these profiles with Lightroom CC for Android or iOS! With an active Creative Cloud subscription, you can load the profiles into Lightroom CC and they’ll automatically sync to Lightroom on your phone or tablet.

✔ Wait No More. Lightning Fast Rendering Speeds
Lightroom profiles render WAY faster than Lightroom presets so you don’t have to wait. They use an optimized color table that uses less resources making them suitable for mobile devices.

Works With:
Lightroom CC
Lightroom Classic CC
Lightroom CC for iOS & Android (Synced via Lightroom CC Desktop)
Photoshop CC (via Camera Raw filter)
Any software that supports LUTs including Affinity Photo, Premiere, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, etc.
Mac and Windows

XMP vs Lrtemplate Presets (New vs Old)
Use XMP presets for optimal performance. Lrtemplate has been discontinued and is only partially supported in Lightroom CC. Using Lrtemplate presets will reduce Lightroom’s performance and revert the tools to older versions.

Applications Supported
Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop
File Types

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Last Update:February 8, 2022
Released:February 8, 2022